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The Little Mermaid

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Step into Reading系列讀本--
  Step into Reading分級讀本出版團隊非常嚴謹及專業,網羅全世界知名繪本家之作品,一字一句都細細鑽研,讓孩子不但能從故事中學習英文,也能學習到知識及生活技能,充分體會學習的樂趣!
  Step 4:句子較長,字彙也較多,適合已學習英語一段時間的小學高年級學生或國中生閱讀。
Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story is beautifully adapted for young readers. When the little mermaid gives up her voice in exchange for legs and a chance to meet her beloved human prince, she earns a real human soul. Step 3 Readers are perfect for children who are ready to read to themselves. At forty-eight pages, Step 3 books are both longer and slightly more difficult than Step 2 books. This level includes some more challenging vocabulary and concepts, though the meaning is made clear through context and illustrations.

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