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500+ practice questions for the new SAT

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內容簡介top 500+ Practice Questions for the New SAT 簡介 Prepare for New SAT scoring success with practice questions & answers specifically created for the redesigned exam!Work smarter, not harder, with The Princeton Review 500+ Practice Questions for the New SAT. In this book, youl get a first look at the types of questions youl find on the Redesigned SAT, which has a greater emphasis on advanced math, evidence-based reading and writing, critical reading skills, and real-world analysis. Each practice question is accompanied by detailed answer explanations that provide the step-by-step strategies you need to help you beat the new test!The Changes You Need to Know to Help Get a High Score.?An introductory guide to the major changes made to the SAT?Hands-on exposure to the new four-choice format as well as multi-step problems, passage-based grammar questions, and extended thinking grid-ins?Valuable practice with complex reading comprehension passages?Opportunities to apply and perfect math skills in both real-world, cross-subject settings and abstract formatsPractice Your Way to Perfection.?Work through all 500+ practice questions to help hone the higher-level math and critical-reading skills being tested?Assess your current knowledge and use specific drills to improve your skills?Increase your ability to interpret, create, and use data and evidence from a variety of sourcesPrep for success with The Princeton Review!

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