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Clifford the big red dog : The big leaf pile

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Cleo and Clifford can’t resist jumping into the pile of leaves they helped T-Bone gather, but the leaves scatter and they try to get them all back before T-Bone returns.

Clifford learns the importance of keeping promises in this easy-to-read story that is based upon an episode of the Clifford PBS-TV series. Clifford, Cleo, and T-Bone are having fun gathering leaves into piles. When T-Bone has to leave, Clifford and Cleo offer to watch is pile for him until he returns. But the temptation to jump into T-Bone?s pile is too great, ad soon T-bone?s leaves are scattered everywhere! Clifford and Cleo rescue ever leaf and restore T-Bone?s pile. When T-Bone returns, they all enjoy the leaf piles together.

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