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Bingo's Run : a novel

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內容簡介top Bingo's Run 簡介 For fans of Dave Eggers, Teju Cole, and James McBride, comes this extraordinary novel of morality and the redemptive powers of art that offers a glimpse into an African underworld rarely described in fiction. Meet Bingo, the greatest drug runner in the slums of Kibera, Nairobi, and maybe the world. A teenage grifter, often mistaken for a younger boy, he faithfully serves Wolf, the drug lord of Kibera. Bingo spends his days throwing rocks at Krazi Hari, the prophet of Kibera garbage mound, ipping?safari tourists of their cash, and hanging out with his best friend, Slo-George, a taciturn fellow whose girth is a mystery to Bingo in a place where there is never enough food. Bingo earns his keep by running hite?to a host of clients, including Thomas Hunsa, a reclusive artist whose paintings, rooted in African tradition, move him. But when Bingo witnesses a drug-related murder and Wolf sends him to an orphanage for rotection,?Bingo life changes and he learns that life itself is the un.?br> A modern trickster tale that draws on African folklore, Bingo Run is a wildly original, often very funny, and always moving story of a boy alone in a corrupt and dangerous world who must depend on his wits and inner resources to survive.ONE OF LIBRARY JOURNAL OUTSTANDING NEW VOICES TO CONSIDER ames A. Levine is a deeply gifted writer who reaches into the dirt, sweat, and diesel of modern-day Nairobi and introduces us to a young innocent whose adventures are unforgettable. Bingo runs between joy and death, laughter and sorrow, survival and redemption, will make you feel like cheering.?b>ames McBride, author of The Good Lord Bird and The Color of Water ?i>Bingo Run is one of those rare books that infuse a potentially difficult subject with intimacy, tenderness, and humor. Social commentary, gritty comedy, and pure cinematic adrenaline meet in an utterly compelling novel with a voice all its own.?b>ash Aw, author of Five Star Billionaire ?i>Bingo Run manages to read like timely news and high adventure at the same time. Levine main character, Bingo, is an underage drug runner, hardened orphan, and hustler extraordinaire. He also funny and wise well beyond his years. The rousing story of Bingo evolution is matched only by Levine portrait of modern-day Nairobi, both child and city depicted with real flair and affection.?b>ictor LaValle, author of The Devil in Silver  phenomenal street kid from the slums of Nairobi is the narrator of this second novel, a fable with realistic underpinnings. . . . Levine has found just the right voice for Bingo, an upbeat survivor mired in corruption yet still capable of redemption. . . . One thing for sure: Bingo will win hearts.?b>irkus Reviews evine sets much of his latest in Kibera back allies and slums, but he doesn dwell there. By telling the novel from the perspective of this charming teen grifter, Levine makes his story feel substantial while also quite fun, significant even as the pages turn themselves.?b>ublishers Weekly delightful entertainment. And Bingo is a captivating protagonist. . . . By its end readers will want to adopt him themselves.?b>?i>Booklist

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