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Among the ten thousand things : a novel

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內容簡介top Among the Ten Thousand Things 簡介 For fans of Jennifer Egan, Jonathan Franzen, Lorrie Moore, and Curtis Sittenfeld,Among the Ten Thousand Things is a dazzling first novel, a portrait of an American family on the cusp of irrevocable change, and a startlingly original story of love and time lost.Jack Shanley is a well-known New York artist, charming and vain, who doesn mean to plunge his family into crisis. His wife, Deb, gladly left behind a difficult career as a dancer to raise the two children she adores. In the ensuing years, she has mostly avoided coming face-to-face with the weaknesses of the man she married. But then an anonymously sent package arrives in the mail: a cardboard box containing sheaves of printed emails chronicling Jack secret life. The package is addressed to Deb, but it delivered into the wrong hands: her children.With this vertiginous opening begins a debut that is by turns funny, wise, and indescribably moving. As the Shanleys spin apart into separate orbits, leaving New York in an attempt to regain their bearings, fifteen-year-old Simon feels the allure of adult freedoms for the first time, while eleven-year-old Kay wanders precariously into a grown-up world she can possibly understand. Writing with extraordinary precision, humor, and beauty, Julia Pierpont has crafted a timeless, hugely enjoyable novel about the bonds of family lifeheir brittleness, and their resilience.Advance praise for Among the Ten Thousand Thingshis book is among the funniest and most emotionally honest Ie read in a long time.?b>onathan Safran Foeremarkable . . . Pierpont displays not only wisdom, but real tact as a writer, knowing how much to say, how much to leave out, how much to imply.?b>olm T鏙b璯very page of this gorgeous novel contains such joys that you won want to stop reading for anything.?b>. Courtney Sullivan vicious and enchanting portrait of a fragmenting family that will leave you hungry for whatever Julia Pierpont does next.?b>ourtney Maumoignant, surprising, and fiercely intelligent, Among the Ten Thousand Things is about the sturdiness and tremendous delicacy of the bonds between parents and children. Don miss this powerful debut.?b>egan Abbottharply observed and deeply illuminating, Among the Ten Thousand Things marks the beginning of what is sure to be a brilliant career.?b>lliott Holthy aren there more first or second or seventh novels like Among the Ten Thousand Things? That what I asked myself as I readctually, devouredulia Pierpont debut. My conclusion: Very few writers, at any point in their lives, can produce prose of the sort youl find here.?b>ean Wilsey?i>Among the Ten Thousand Things succeeds in being both heartbreaking and funny: It a wry, sly look at a privileged New York upbringing and the ultimate loneliness at the heart of it.?b>ary Gordon

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