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The household spirit

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內容簡介top The Household Spirit 簡介 A powerful, poignant and bighearted novel, from the acclaimed author of All Shall Be Well; and All Shall Be Well; and All Manner of Things Shall Be Wellhe story of an unlikely friendship between a middle-aged loner and a grieving college student. Howie Jeffriesvid fisherman, longtime GE Waste Water Treatment Plant worker, social recluseives in isolation, out on rural Route 29 in Queens Falls, NY. Well, not alone exactlyhere's one other house adjacent to his own. But although Howie and Emily Phane have been neighbors since the day she was born twenty-odd years earlier, they've never actually spoken. Both have their reasonsowie is debilitatingly shy and Emily tries to hide the fact that she suffers from a nighttime affliction that makes her terrified to go to sleep. When tragedy strikes, however, Howie and Emily are forced into a friendship that neither of them could have ever imagined but that will change their lives profoundly and forever. Tod Wodicka has crafted a luminous story of a friendship between two misfitsnd of the unexpected capabilities of the human heart.

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