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Scholastic children's dictionary(TX)

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內容簡介top Scholastic Children's Dictionary 2013 簡介 適讀年齡:8歲以上 產品特色: 2013年最新兒童字典,超過千幅以上的插圖! 字典特色: .易於理解的定義 .特殊功能技術等主題 .數以百計的新增單字,附有例句和用法說明 .詞庫和語法,標點,成語的指南,和縮寫 特殊功能: .超過150個有趣的新詞詞源 .最新的電腦3C,科學和文化方面的更新 .字首與字根的單字拼寫提示和同義詞標示 .為考量孩子學習發音,標示出單字音節 特別新增: .新增新的地理國界劃分,特別地圖,更新的國旗和時事,以及新成立的國家,及美國各州的描述 .新增多張圖示表和測量表,以供快速查詢參考 .歷任美國總統的簡歷和白宮辦公室的資料 More than 1,000 photographs and illustrations Featuring: .Easy-to-understand definitions .Special features on technology and other topics .Hundreds of new and expanded entries, with sample sentences to illustrate usage .A thesaurus and guides on grammar, punctuation, idioms, and abbreviations Special Features: .More than 150 entertaining new word histories .Up-to-date computer, scientific, and cultural terms .Spelling hints and prefix, suffix, and synonym tips .Simplified pronunciations with real kids in mind Plus: .All-new geography section, with specially commissioned maps, updated flags and facts, and newly added descriptions for countries, U.S. states, and more .Numbers and measurements tables for quick reference .Terms of office and other useful biographical information for the presidents of the United States

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