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Teaching and learning STEM : a practical guide

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This book covers teaching and learning issues unique to teaching in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines—such as the extensive coverage of problem-solving—which are not topics regularly addressed in other teaching and learning books. Felder and Brent are experienced science faculty, and have the unique ability to write about research and practice with clarity.Teaching and Learning in STEM covers key topics such as writing and using learning objectives, teaching new courses and redesigning old ones, planning classes, choosing a text, writing a syllabus, the elements of effective instruction, active learning, teaching with technology, assessing learning, problem-solving and problem-based learning, group work and cooperative learning, and learner-centered teaching--all using a variety of examples from the STEM disciplines. Before nearly every chapter, the authors include an "interlude" that shows learning from a student’s perspective. The final chapter focuses on next steps by examining additional topics not covered in detail in the book, encouraging readers to continue to explore new ideas and approaches to teaching and learning. Replete with concrete suggestions, comprehensive examples, and practical insights, Teaching and Learning in STEM is an excellent resource for faculty in all STEM disciplines.

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