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The looking glass

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轉寄 列印
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  在外人眼中,他們看起來像是一個完美的家庭,父親是成功的富商,母親是慈善家,一子二女全都是出色的芭蕾舞者。但變故隨之而來,兒子埃佛特大學輟學,選擇成為一名漫畫家,茱莉亞則是在對止痛藥上癮後不告而別,沒人知道她去了哪裡。     從那天後,西爾維亞已經一年沒有見過姊姊茱莉亞了。從離開的那天開始,學校裡的人也不再提起茱莉亞,彷彿她從未存在過,朋友們不知道該怎麼安慰西爾維亞,久而久之,也沒人再與西爾維亞交談了。     某天,西爾維亞突然收到茱莉亞寄給她一本她們小時候最愛的故事書,這本格林童話故事集在很久以前就被西爾維亞遺失了,沒想到居然再次出現,但不同的是在這本書的封面上,茱莉亞把書名劃掉,取而代之寫上的是「女孩們有麻煩了!」     西爾維亞相信這就是茱莉亞向她求救的訊號,於是她與傑克踏上旅程,依照書中的名單在東海岸尋找名單上的女孩,以及茱莉亞……。(文 / 博客來編譯)

  Perfect for fans of Emily Henry and Sarah Dessen, Janet McNally’s imaginative story of sisterhood shows that the fiercest of loves are often the ones that exist outside of happily-ever-afters.

  GIRLS IN TROUBLE. That’s what Sylvie Blake’s older sister Julia renamed their favorite fairy tale book, way back when they were just girls themselves. Now Julia has disappeared—and no one knows for sure if she wants to be away, or if she’s the one in trouble.
  Then a copy of their old storybook arrives with a mysterious list inside, and Sylvie begins to see signs of her sister, and their favorite fairy tales, everywhere she goes.
  With the help of her best friend’s enigmatic brother and his beat-up car, Sylvie sets out to follow the strange signs right to Julia and return to New York with her in tow. But trouble comes in lots of forms—and Sylvie soon learns that the damsel in distress is often the only one who can save herself.

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