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創造生命的奇蹟 : 詩人畫家曾威皓 = Creating the miracle of life : poet and painter Wei-Hao Tseng

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  Since the age of twelve, Wei-Hao has been suffering from illness. He could not run around like other children. Since Wei-Hao’s body could not absorb water normally, he always had to bring his bottle with him to take in water, went to the toilet frequently, and vomited easily.

  Because of his sickness, Wei-Hao became emotional and capricious. However, the suffering gave him a unique view of life. His paintings are full of naivety and at the same time metaphorical meanings. These creative works of paintings and poems leave much space for imagination and let our minds be free. They encourage people to get out of their blindly busy life, let the tired minds rest, and allow the injured to be healed.


  While there is life, there is hope. One hurdle after another, each hurdle would be overcome, one by one. Don’t underestimate the sick kid. He can create miracles. Don’t feel worthless. Everyone is unique and good for something. Keep forward and have no fear. This book is dedicated to all the parents who devote their whole life to their children


曾威皓 Wei-Hao Tseng



  Wei-Hao was born in Hsinchu, Taiwan, in 1996. In 2005, in the third grade, he was admitted to Hsinchu County gi¬ed art class. With the painting “Barbarshop,“ he won the  rst prize in a county art contest. Unexpectedly, just before his elementary school graduation, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. A¬er eight years of recuperation, he started again to practice painting, composing poems and writing calligraphy. In 2016, Wei Hao graduated from high school and opened “Studio Ah-Q” at home, dedicated to the creation of poetry and painting. His works touched Professor Yun-Hsien Wu so much that she decided to write down the stories behind the works. Thanks to Ms. Yi-Chen Hsu’s translation and Mr. Matthew Chen’s proofreading, the book can be presented here today.

吳芸嫻 Yun-Hsien Wu


  Associate professer, Ming-hsin University of Science and Technology

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