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I am snow

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Hello Reader!Science的「I Am…」系列,是探索大自然奧秘的最佳啟蒙書。Scholastic I Am Series共有10本書和1張CD,是一系列過自然生態的拼貼圖畫讀本,簡句型結構,主題內容圍繞生活基本常識設計的非文學類讀本。孩子們在輕鬆閱讀的過程中可以吸收到全方位的科學常識,並常會如何用英文表達出所吸收的知識。此系列讀本被限國圖書館協會喻為是初學者的自然科學與英語學習的最佳組合。What is snow, and what does it look like?

Jean Marzollo was born and raised in Manchester, Connecticut. She says, "As a child, I loved to read and sew dolls' clothes, one outfit after another. I am a graduate of Manchester High School, the University of Connecticut, and the Harvard Graduate School of Education. After working as a high school English teacher and editor of Scholastic's "Let's Find Out" kindergarten magazine with Carol Devine Carson for 20 years, I began writing children's books. I have written over 130 books, including the award-winning, best-selling I SPY series for children, written completely in rhythm and rhyme. Rhythm and rhyme are like music without the tune; they lure and excite the ear. Children love rhythm and rhyme, and so do I. Do you know that I SPY actually has the same rhythm as "Old Mother Hubbard" and also rap? I treasure the beautiful, intricate photographs by Walter Wick in the I SPY books. When I wrote the first I SPY book, I automatically thought of kindergarten children so everything that I called for was concrete, something a 5-year-old can find. The result is a hunting game that children and grownups can play together successfully. Sometimes children are better than their parents! In recent years I took up painting and have begun to illustrate my own "books on paper" and "books online." You can see them on my website: Writing and illustrating picture books today is as much fun as sewing dolls' clothes was when I was in third grade. As soon as I'm done with one book, I'm happily compelled to start the next." Jean Marzollo lives in Upstate New York.

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