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George's Marvellous Medicine

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George的祖母不是一個好相處的人, 事實上, 她不但喜歡小虫並且喜歡去咬嚼他們, 這一幕幕, 看在George的眼裡, 實在令他不忍目睹, 於是, 他決定給奶奶配一帖神奇的藥方, 然而, 這後續到底會發生什麼事呢? 全書幽默逗趣, 值得讀者咀嚼再三。
  George's grandma has some pretty odd views. In fact, she's not a very nice person at all. She thinks caterpillars and slugs are delicious and likes to crunch on beetles best of all. George can do nothing right in Grandma's eyes, so when it's time for her medicine he decides to give her a dose of his own special brew.

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