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Experiment central : understanding scientific principles through projects(1):A-Ec

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Take the fear out of science fairs with Experiment Central Coming up with an interesting project or experiment for science fairs or classroom assignments can be a challenge. Today's students have moved light years beyond projects involving food coloring, clay and spray-painted Styrofoam. They're interested in exploring theories and concepts such as acid raid, biomes, composting, and solar energy. That's why U·X·L created Experiment Central. In four volumes, students (and parents!) and general researchers will find examples of science projects and experiments they can replicate for science fairs and other purposes, as well as suggestions on ways they can design their own project that investigates a specific scientific topic. For ease-of-use, and to encourage independent work, step-by-step descriptions of projects are provided. In addition, hints and suggestions are included to enable a student to alter the original experiment or create a completely new one. And, unlike other science experiment resources, Experiment Central also provides an accessible explanation of the theory behind the experiment. Explore the full world of science A wide range of subjects within life science, physical science, environmental science and earth science are covered. Volumes are alphabetically arranged by scientific concept or theory, including: Acid rain Biomes Cells Chemical Energy Earthquakes Electricity Greenhouse effect Heat Rocks and Minerals Sound Vegetative propagation Weather Arranged alphabetically by 50 scientific concepts, Experiment Central details two experiments per entry, offering everything students need to put the scientific method to work: Explanation of scientific theory Purpose/hypothesis of experiment Materials needed Budget Timetable Step-by-step instructions Summary of results Variables How to design your own experiment And more Student-friendly features include sidebars on safety, troubleshooting, and other important aspects of hands-on scientific research; a "Words to Know" section in each entry as well as a general glossary; a parent's guide; and approximately 180 black and white photos and 300 technical drawings. Indexes offer access by level of difficulty, budget, time frame, scientific subject, and general alphabetical index, including name, place and other important terms mentioned in the text. (20010201)

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