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Ghost voyages IV : cartier & cbamplain

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Jeremy's going on more amazing voyages, this time with both Canadian explorers Samuel de Champlain and Jacques Cartier, and also on what could be a deadly boat race in modern-day Australia. Jeremy is back home after a holiday in Toronto with his dad and his dad's new wife, and he's also back on his incredible travels into the past. All he has to do is pick up his grandfather's old magnifying glass, look at a stamp with a ship on it--and instantly he's on board And he's got lots of reasons for wanting to escape. Since he went on his holiday, Jeremy's mom has a new boyfriend, Ike. It's her first boyfriend since she divorced Jeremy's father. Jeremy doesn't like Ike very much, but he could turn out to be Jeremy's new dad. In search of escape, Jeremy plunges into new shipboard adventures. He almost gets caught on board Samuel de Champlain's ship, during its 1606 trip up the St. Lawrence River. He witnesses Jacques Cartier's turbulent encounters in 1535 with Canada's original First Nations inhabitants. And, he nearly drowns on a yacht in the infamous Australian Sydney to Hobart race in 1998, during which five boats sink and six people die. Jeremy also runs into his own grandfather (as a young boy) and his own grandson, both travellers from their own times, and they help each other out of dangerous situations. Cora Taylor is one of Canada's best-known children's authors. She has published more than a dozen juvenile novels. Cora's Coteau titles include the very successful Ghost Voyages series and the Spy Who Wasn't There series, which includes Adventures in Istanbul and Murder in Mexico as well as her latest book, Chaos in China.

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