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Would It Be Right? : Learning about Good Judgement

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  讓孩子在做事, 並在與他人分工的過程裏, 去學習判斷力, 透過書本精緻有趣的插畫, 潛移默化教育孩子什麼是對的, 什麼是錯的。書中英文單字生活化,可讓孩童一邊學習英文, 一邊養成正確人格。
  這是一套專為6至10歲的孩子所設計的生活教育故事書, 故事內容從孩子的生活環境中取材, 有日常的情境和簡單的語言, 讓成長中的孩子能在閱讀中潛移默化, 養成良好的生活態度和人格教育。
Your Primary Students will love this delightful series of twelve readers that invite children to read and sing along as they learn about positive character traits including courage, honesty friendship and respect. The songs in these character education readers encourage children to be caring, responsible citizens and give them a fun way to practice their reading skills.

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