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The junior novel

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轉寄 列印
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  Until Troy met Gabriella, his big dream was to win the basketball championship. But ever since they sang karaoke together on New Years Eve, Troy cant get his mind off trying out for the lead role in the school musicalwith Gabriella as his partner! Gabriella is struggling too. The Scholastic Decathlon team could really use her help, but it would be fun to sing with Troy again. All their friends say its a bad idea and that Troy and Gabriella should stick to the status quo. In their hearts, Troy and Gabriella know theyve got the talent to play the lead roles in the musical, so why is everyone standing in their way? Will Troy and Gabriella follow their dreams of being on the stage? Or will they have to give it all up so that they can lead their teams to victory?

  除夕假期的前夕兩個截然不同的高中生在一場歌唱比賽中相識 ,他們不只發現自己對唱歌的熱愛,更發現對彼此的愛,假期結束後,他們更發覺原來就讀於同一學校,兩人決定一起參加校內歌唱比賽,這個決定卻受到朋友、親人及其他參賽者的阻礙,一場天翻地覆的校園歌唱比賽即將展開…

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