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How to be good(ish)

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Indie的老師要求班上的每一位同學說出自己擅長的三件事, Indie卻偏偏一件也想不出來, 更別說是三件事了, 多虧了她兩位的麻吉, Soph跟Fee的幫忙, 於是, 一連串天真可愛的新鮮事發生了, 除了分享書中人物的精彩故事外, 書中還附有精緻逗趣的插畫。
  Indie's teacher has asked the class to name their three top talents. Three! Indie can barely think of one! With the help of Soph and Fee, her two best friends, she's prepared to try anything. But it might take a shy, black, blob-like dog to reveal what Indie Kidd is really good(ish) at.

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