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Noodleheads see the future

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Best-selling author-illustrator TEDD ARNOLD has teamed up with two professional storytellers to create a second comic-style book about the gullible Noodlehead Brothers, Mac and Mac.When Meatball sees Mac and Mac sitting on a tree branch and sawing it, he predicts they will fall and bruise their bottoms. And they do! Mac and Mac conclude that Meatball can see the future! What the boys really want in their future is for Mom to bake them a cake. But they don't want to oblige her request to dig holes for her garden. Thanks to Meatball's trickery, the boys unknowingly dig dozens of holes. Mom gets her garden and the boys get their cake. Puns based on "lend a hand," "listen up" and "a piece of cake" as well as slapstick and other visual humor tell a wacky story that is based upon traditional folktale motifs. Back matter traces the folk origins of various incidents in the story.

MARTHA HAMILTON and MITCH WEISS are the acclaimed storyteller team known as Beauty & the Beast Storytellers. They have won an Irma Simonton Black Award for Excellence in Children's Literature, two Storytelling World Awards, and an Anne Izard Storytellers' Choice Award.With more than 20 million books in print, TEDD ARNOLD is the best-selling author-illustrator of No Jumping on the Bed, Parts, Rat Life, and the Fly Guy series, including two Theodor Seuss Geisel Award Honor books..

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