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Escape from Ice Mountain

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JET FLASHFEET, CHUCK COBRACRUSHER, DONNIE DRAGONJAB, and BRUCE WILLOWHAMMER . . . Together they are THE CLAN OF THE SCORPION Armed to the teeth with ninja know-how, this ultimate fighting force has one goal--to thwart the evil ringmaster's plans for world domination. Ninja-Boom Grandmaster One-Eye has been kidnapped by the Ringmaster's cronies and taken to an icy fortress. The ninja meerkats are in hot pursuit, but are unaware that their arch enemy has sealed a deal with an antarctic army to give them a frosty reception. Can the Grandmaster be found before the trail runs cold?

Gareth P. Jones is author of The Dragon Detective Agency series and The Thornthwaite Inheritance. He also works as a TV producer of documentaries. He lives in London with his wife, Lisa. Luke Finlayson is the illustrator.

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