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Hansel & Gretel

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  森林深處住著一個叫做 Willow 的女巫,她是一個善良女巫,只使用好魔法。
  Willow 從來不擔心她的糖果屋裡麵包屑雜亂,或薑餅屋被亂咬,還是有人亂擺她的魔法書,直到她遇到韓賽爾跟葛麗特這兩個頑皮的孩子。
  這兩個粗魯的孩子正在測試 Willow 的耐心,他們吞下所有美味的食物,粉碎 Willow的藥瓶,甚至把貓變得像房子一樣大!善良的女巫 Willow 能否阻止這場混亂?
  《Hansel and Gretel》是知名童話《糖果屋》的變奏曲,作者貝森.伍文(Bethan Woollvin)曾入圍 2017 年 Klaus Flugge Prize 大獎、Little Rebels Award 獎,並獲得 2017 年 AOI插畫獎兒童圖書新人組冠軍。其榮獲麥克米倫圖畫書獎(The Macmillan Prize)的著作《小紅帽》(Little Red),被評為 2016 年紐約時報 10 大最佳繪本之一。(文 / 博客來編譯)
A brilliantly funny twist on a favourite fairy tale. Naughty little Hansel and Gretel ransack Willow the good witch’s gingerbread cottage and play havoc with her spells, driving the poor witch to her wit’s end with magical mischief and mayhem. They gobble all her yummy food, smash her potion bottles and even conjure the cat to the size of a house! Can Willow ever put a stop to the chaos?

  From the award-winning Bethan Woollvin, creator of the iconic Little Red and Rapunzel comes Hansel and Gretel, another fantastic twist on a fairy tale printed in vibrant pantone inks.

  Bethan Woollvin has been shortlisted for both the Klaus Flugge Prize 2017 and the Little Rebels Award 2017, as well as winning an AOI Award 2017. Little Red, winner of the Macmillan Prize

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