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Cat problems

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  美國凱迪克大獎得主藍·史密斯(Lane Smith)及懷特朗讀繪本獎銀獎得主喬里·約翰(Jory John),繼攻佔各大暢銷榜、席捲各國年度選書《好煩好煩的小企鵝》Penguin Problems、《好煩好煩的長頸鹿》Giraffe Problems,再度攜手推出絕妙新作!這一次,受寵的家貓在2位重量級創作者筆下會有什麼煩惱呢?
  What could a pampered house cat possibly have to complain about?

  Just like most cats, this cat lives an extremely comfortable life. But he has his problems, too...

  The sun spot he's trying to bathe in just won't stop moving. The nosy neighbour squirrel just can't seem to mind its own business. And don't even get him started on the hoover! It's an absolute menace! Will this cat ever find the silver lining?

  From picture book superstars Jory John and Lane Smith, the creators of Penguin Problems and Giraffe Problems, comes a brand-new, hilarious collaboration sure to tickle every feline fan and owner!

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