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The slave dancer

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轉寄 列印
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In a tale at once fascinating and horrible, young Jessie suffers capture and indenture on a slave ship. His job is to "dance" the slaves by playing his fife while they're forced to engage in daily movement. Actor Peter MacNicol delivers a powerful reading of this horrific tale. His Captain Cawthorn, terrifying in volume and attitude, creates in the listener the same tension that Jessie feels throughout the journey. Masterfully, MacNicol allows Shipmate Stout's obsequiousness to creep slowly upon the listener while simultaneously revealing the affection behind Shipmate Pervis's defiant gruffness. Packed with emotion, MacNicol's first-person narration in Jessie's voice is moving and believable. Judiciously employed symphonic music and the notes of a lone fife heighten the tension throughout.

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