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Time for learning : top 10 reasons why flipping the classroom can change education

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內容簡介top Time for Learning 簡介 Flipped classrooms (creating lessons online for students to watch in the evening as homework, while using classroom time for students to discuss, explore, and demonstrate their understanding of the material) has recently captured interest of educators all over the U.S. and beyond. What does flipping really mean and what is its role in the larger context of broader change in American education? Are there deeper implications for schooling beyond the obvious changes in what is called school work and what is considered home work? Could it be the harbinger of greater openness in education in today digital world? Why are educators at all levelsrom teachers to Superintendentso excited by the concept? Will research prove its valuend by what indicators? These are the important questions and topics that will be explored in this book.This book provides a solid framework for talking about important aspects of educational change represented in classrooms that are being remodeled through flipping. These include opportunities for maximizing the time teachers have to work with their students; giving teachers better insight into student learning styles; providing students with access to multiple teachers?expertise while offering teachers an opportunity to learn with and from each other and teach collaboratively; using up-to-the minute, relevant content; improving student motivation and achievement; building on what we know about effective learning; giving parents a window into their children coursework; saving money; and making instruction and assessment appropriate to students?21st century learning styles and tools.

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