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What Katy did

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  “Tomorrow I will begin.”

  Katy Carr likes running around. She wants to set a good example to her five brothers and sisters but she is always untidy and forgetful. She also dreams of being grown up and famous. Then, one terrible day all her dreams seem to come to an end.  Katy feels very sorry for herself until Cousin Helen comes to stay and she teaches Katy an invaluable lesson. Will Katy be able to learn from her situation and become the Katy everyone knows and loves again?

  適合程度:CEF A1, Cambridge KET, Headwords: 1,000, 全民英檢初級

  ◎About this Book單元: 分別提供學生與老師的語言學習或教學提示,並有本書文法結構要點。
  ◎Before Reading/After Reading: 閱讀前/後各有問題提問與練習,幫助理解作品內容並培養賞析  與批判思考能力。


  Susan Coolidge(蘇珊‧庫里居) was the pen name of Sarah Chauncey Woosley, an American author born in the USA on 29th January 1835 to wealthy parents. Sarah had a very happy childhood. She grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, in a situation very like Katy Carr’s in the story. Sarah had three sisters and a brother, and their adventures gave her the ideas for her stories about the Carr children. Sarah went to a private school and then to a boarding school where her teachers encouraged her to write.

  After her father died in 1870 Sarah travelled through Europe with her family. Then in 1872 she worked as a nurse during the American Civil War. After this she began writing and published What Katy Did in 1872, then What Katy Did at School one year later. 
  Susan never married or had children, but was very close to her brothers and sisters. She died in April 1905.

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