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Essays on education, literacy and culture

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轉寄 列印
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This book is for readers who are interested in education, literacy and culture -- not as separate entities but as an interdisciplinary whole. The contributors in this book, writing in the context of Turkish culture, bring out significant ways of looking at issues such as religion and culture, literature and education, utopia and ideology.


  *Introducing key concepts such as religion, humanity, ideology and education through literature in the Turkish context

  *Helping the readers to see and to appreciate the insights of scholars from different research areas, especially literature, education, language teaching.

Tzu Yu Allison Lin(林孜郁)

  Dr. Tzu Yu Allison Lin achieved her PhD with her study of Virginia Woolf and London narratives at Goldsmiths, University of London. Her research interests are visual and verbal representations, literary criticism and language teaching. She has articles and books published in English, including the most recent, The Condition of Language (2021). She is teaching at Gaziantep University, Turkey.

  Adesanya M. Alabi
  Andre Chu-Cheng Shih
  Hong Yu Connie Au
  Burcu Asiltürk
  Ahmet İ. Başar
  Tzu Yu Allison Lin
  Mehmet Sincar

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