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Molly Moon's incredible book of hypnotism

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‘Molly Moon is a wonderful new children’s heroine’ --David Heyman, producer of the Harry Potter film專屬網站參考  Molly Moon is the world most miserable orphan, living in a most miserable orphanage. She unattractive, undernourished and unloved. Then she discovers a mysterious book on hypnotism, and finds that with a flash of her dazzling eyes, she can make people do anything she wants ?  Orphan Molly Moon was found as a baby in a box marked ‘ Moon’s Marshmallows ’.  For ten miserable years she’s lived under the cruel rule of Miss Adderstone in grim Hardwick House. But her life changes overnight when she finds a mysterious book on hypnotism and discovers and amazing talent – the power to make people do anything she wants them to.  Escaping form the orphanage, Molly flies to New York in search of fame and fortune. But her adventures in hypnotism led her into the clutches of a dangerous enemy�

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