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500 great books for teens

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Thousands of books for teens are published every year, but until now no general reference has existed. Anita Silvey's book is the one everyone has been waiting for. Parents will see what their teenagers are actually reading and be able to lead them to the best of an overwhelming bunch. Teachers will spot excellent additions to summer reading lists. Booksellers will have a host of suggestions in every genre to offer their customers. Librarians can round out collections, teens can choose their own books, and both teen and mother-daughter book groups can make the best selections. 500 Great Books for Teens is divided into twenty-one sections, including adventure and survival, horror, graphic novels, humor, mystery, and poetry, each with additional reading lists. Silvey's cogent descriptions of the plot and essential style of each book make it exceptionally easy for anyone to decide whether a book will appeal to a specific teen reader. The books are also grouped by geographic area and time period because teachers often assign book reports this way. Sixty of the best audio books are also listed.

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