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  每一款湯, 均附上莫爸爸的養生心得,讓你更了解各湯品的益處。

  A bowl of soup renders a caring thought

  Daddy Mok handpicked over 50 favourite soups of his celebrity daughter Karen Mok, (form recipes passed down through their family for generations), and put them together in this handy-book as 50-plus carig thoughts.

  Each soup recipes comes complete with Daddy Mok’s wellbeing tips, to further explain the medicinal values of each of them.



  Born I Hong Konng in 1938, Alan Morris (Mok Tin Chi) is the son of pre-war celebrity Mr.Alfred Morris and Madam Law Wai Tak whose hometown was Xinhui in Guangdong province. The Laws have been a prestigious and celebrated family since ancient times with famous scholars and intellectuals in every generation. In the past, Alan Morris has taught at the Diocesan Boys’ School, worked as the Secretary General for Magistrates’ Court, a member of the lands committee in New Territories District Office and the Real Estate manager of Hainan Provincial Development Holding Company Limited. He is also a prolific writer with a number of popular titles, including The Great Book of Prophecies, Hong Kong’s Fortunes and Other Well-known Chinese Prophecies, Nutritious Soups for My Dearest Karen, and Selected Recipes for My Karen.

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