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轉寄 列印
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Love and the test performed. Saga Part her family life partner, the well-being of her suitcase Saga "Marriage ah, like two people pulled a suitcase inside containing hard and full of happiness, we must together until the end, if one were let go, it will drag a heavy fixed."
Comedy Master Shimada, Japan seven foreign translation of Pauline Chen Wu Nien-chen. Ono would not recommend it, her original was just joking? ! We decided to leave the next day at Saga. I would like to bid farewell to grandmother, but I also want to choose a small law introduced to the grandmother. "Oh, of law, to please your Zhao Guang 1,10." First meeting, grandmother to bow to the law of small, she embarrassed at a loss shy nod and say "yes." Then, to my grandmother. "Zhao Guang, east away to the east, east of the day, you do not have qualifications, go to the east."
Newspapers from scratch every morning to see the end of the grandmother, it is clear the economic situation in Japan. However, in the face of the beloved girlfriend, I suspect no qualifications, I could not help but want to refute. "Her, I am not your child by saying always reading a box '?" "Even if a box is a good, intelligent." I take exception to justification. "But I said no English, make your call, I wrote` I 'is Japanese; I will not write Chinese characters, your call, I wrote `I can rely on Hiragana and Katakana live '; I hate history, I called your `I do not write 'obsession with the past. " I keep to the "how can critics snapping" the feelings, the answer, but grandmother said: "Zhao Guang, you are really up?" "Ah?" "You do not read at the high school?" "Ah." "You silly this child!" I have small law and grandmother, three individuals laughed.
Couples Pepsi High poverty, more difficult to hand off with a smile. Her explanation is, the secret to a happy marriage is to never let go. This suitcase happiness, we must finally pulled together!

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